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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Extreme Aviation Video Showcase__Extreme Flight Extra EXP__4s

We have been doing a lot with the Extra EXP lately. I sort of rediscovered my original blue one and have been hammering it pretty good. This plane is approaching 200 flights or so and has had a really hard life. I am really pleased it has held up so beautifully. It is in much better condition than most of my planes when they get this kind of extended torture.

Somewhere along the line in this latest round, I reached what I think is a very good understanding of this plane. Oh, it is nothing like the way Daniel Holman or Jens Van Dorp understand this plane, but there was definitely a moment when I thought "Oh, I got this."

I believe that generally this is how we learn. I do best when I stick with one airplane and hammer it to pieces. The more you fly an individual airframe, the more you learn it's nuances and the more confident and comfortable you become with it. Of course, I love this plane right away, but it took some time to discover just how hard I could push it, and what I had to do to get the most out of it,

So, we are in good shape to bring you much more on this plane. The original blue is still going strong, and I have a brand new red  Extra EXP with two flights on it as a backup. Also,  we just built one for the Sport Report and it is now in full tilt 3D set up. We have plenty of Edges to thrash this summer, so you can definitely expect some fun times.

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