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Friday, December 9, 2011

Extreme Flight MXS__Bad Attitude And Sunset Huckin'

The MXS has been the best plane I have ever owned for  seat-of-the-pants,  on the edge, Bad Attitude flying. I push the MXS harder and harder every time out, and the plane seems to like it. Lately Project Blue MXS #3 has been getting all the miles, and I have a lot of confidence with this plane.

You can see how badly the sun is in our eyes. On a few of the long slow rolls, there was no way to escape flying through the sun, so I would drop it down in the middle of the roll to get under it. I didn't realize I was doing that until Manta pointed it out. I guess I have so much confidence in the MXS that most of what I do with it is instinctual.

I wanted to squeeze in one last video before the sun got so low that it would be impossible to see the airplane any more. There is a window of 30 minutes or so between that and when the sun drops behind the hill of death and you can see again....and fly into the sunset.

Next, the sun is gone, but the conditions, while beautiful, are still extremely hazardous. If you get over to the right, the sun washes out the color of the plane and you'll be staring at a grey airplane. Notice when coming back to the left of the camera all the colors explode back to life. It depends on where the plane is in relation to the sun how well you can or can't see it.

We have avoided a lot of sunset videos simply because it normally freaks the cameras out, but Manta's Iphone seems to do a darned reasonable job of it.

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