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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Now Filming In Hi Definition

I recently switched my operating system over to Windows Seven. The advantage here for me is that Seven includes all the right codecs for editing most Hi Definition video. More and more HD cameras are showing up at the field, so it made sense to set up to utilize this.

I could see right away how much superior HD is. The clouds are now very well defined and much less like white blogs, you can see the reflections moving around on the plane, and when you see me in the picture there appears to be depth between myself and the airplane, almost like you are watching a 3 Dimensional film. Picture quality is crystal clear. I'm not sure how I put up with standard definition for so long.

The windows Seven movie maker also edits Standard definition in a much higher resolution. Even a regular movie taken on an older camera is going to look better, so this was a righteous upgrade all the way around.

These are our first three HD movies, and we are planning to shoot everything we can in HD from now on. I am really, really p[leased with the quality of these, and we'll also be working to make them even better.

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