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Monday, June 24, 2013

NEW: Extreme Flight 60" MXS In Red

With some airplanes, the color scheme is as much a part of the plane's identity as it's shape. For me, that's the way it is with the Extreme Flight MXS EXP and the original red, white and blue color scheme. Certainly the blue and white MXS I have been flying were really nice, and the yellow 60" MXS has been mega, but when I think of the MXS, I always picture it in red, white and blue.

There might be a bit of oddity surrounding that preference though. I was flying the MXS and making my first video for Extreme Flight when I suffered a heart attack. We finished the video and I ended up having a cardiac stint installed (in myself, that is). Having been through so much with that plane, I promised myself that I would always have at least one in the fleet.

Flashing forward to the 64" MXS, you may remember I describe that airplane as "perfect," so now being able to get it in the r/w/b scheme makes perfect even better. So far I have a solitary shakedown on it, but it flew right out of the box with no trim and seems to be just as solid as my faithful yellow version.

I'll write a little more later when we have some good video, but for now I wanted to get pictures posted so everyone could see how great this plane looks.

We'll get more video when we can, but for now here a quick clip from a friend's cell phone:

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