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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Extreme Flight 48" Laser EXP__Yellow Alert

Just when I was starting to think it couldn't get any better with the 48" Laser, The Boss mades it available in the same  the same beautiful scheme we've seen on the 60" Laser. The airframe debuted in May of 2012 wearing the famous Leo Loudenslager color scheme (minus the Bud Lite livery), but unlike most Extreme Flight release, there was no second color scheme.

Of course, being a big fan of Leo, this was ok with me, but for those who don't see red well, this was a bit of a problem. Nothing shows up in the air as well as yellow, and this scheme is especially attractive.

Personally I like this scheme for a lot of reasons. While being attractive is always a plus, I do tend to be a little careful with the Leo liveried Lasers because that is such a special plane for me. The new scheme sort of liberates me to fly it with the same abandon I usually use with the rest of my EXPs.

More importantly, one of my flying clubs faces south, so the sun is in our faces all day.  The red Laser can totally grey out if you anywhere near the sun. Also, with the sun behind a grey overcast, red can disappear pretty quickly. These problems seem to be worse for older fliers like myself,  and the yellow is much better under these conditions.

To make mine a little more visible, I recovered the SFGs in yellow (they come in blue) and used the Extreme Flight roundel from the red Yak EXP. The SFGs are so big that they make great visual clues, so making them brighter helps a lot with visual orientation.

Finally, the blue on this plane is a perfect match for the blue paint on the optional fiberglass racing wing tips that come with the 48" MXS. The tips were a perfect fit and they look terrific. You can get these tips separately from Extreme Flight.

The tips generally add stability and tame the plane down real nice. There's a lot more to it than that, but you can read more about the effects of the tips in Flying The Extra EXP With MXS Wingtips .

I'll be flying this plane a lot in the next few weeks because my primary radio is off getting serviced and I only have a few planes ready on my back up transmitter. We are working on getting some Hi Def video of this plane, but for now this is pretty decent. 
After nearly two years of relentless hammering, my beloved red Laser finally reached it's retirement date (translation: crash). We took her out with bad intentions and high hopes of making epic video, and I think we came pretty close.


Yellow Laser Wallpapers

Click to enlarge, then right click and "save as."



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