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Friday, April 3, 2015

Laser EXP__Video Showcase

60" Laser
I like to rotate my fleet so that I am always flying something different, but right now I am on a bit of a Laser streak. I recently put together a yellow 60" Laser and have really been enjoying flying that plane. So far I have been pushing it pretty hard but haven't even had any close moments with it. It's so steady and solid that it goes exactly where I point it and does what I tell it to do, every single time. I am really enjoying this plane.

My 48" Laser is running Hitec's most excellent HS5070MH servos on rudder and ailerons,  and an HS5087MH on the elevator, all on 7.4 volts. I beat this plane especially hard because there is such solid control response at high speed that snaps and tumbles are so violent that they peg the stupid fun scale. Parachutes and walls are crazy.

I've also extensively experimented with a 25% spoileron mix on this plane with very encouraging results. I can almost leave it on full time, though the mix does screw up precision and point rolls, so I turn it off for those.

 Laser EXP Memory Card Full from Doc Austin on Vimeo.

Laser EXP Spoilerons, The Musical from Doc Austin on Vimeo.

Finally, here's a previously unused film of my beloved red 48" Laser, and I am guessing it was probably from last winter. We just don't know. It showed up on one of the cameras and was pretty good, so it was just something cool to tack onto the end of this article.


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