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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Extreme Flight MXS__Order restored

My last 48 MXS was going on three years old, and it had been a damm good airplane in every respect. Lately I converted it to run Hitec's new 7.4 volt 5070MH servos (ailerons and rudder) and an HS5087MG (on the elevator). If any plane deserved the money spent it's the MXS. With it's aggressive nature the extra torque, speed and holding power of these servos really elevates the performance. 
The MXS is short coupled, meaning the distance between the wing and the stabilizer is shorter compared to the same measurement on an Extra, Laser or Yak. Short coupling makes a plane razor sharp agile, with better pitch authority. In the case of the MXS, I would say shorter coupling gives the plane explosive performance, especially in snapping, tumbling and other violent high speed maneuvers.
This is why I wanted to run 7.4 volt servos in the MXS. I wanted the extra torque and holding power to come into play at high speeds when entering snaps or tumbles. At speed there is a lot of air and air pressure going over the plane. The 6.0 volt servos were getting a little bit of stalling and blowback at high speed, though I never noticed this until I ran the 7.4 volt servos and felt the difference.
I think if you want to get the most extreme performance you can get out of an MXS, these servos are absolutely the way to go.

Sadly, though, I trashed the MXS a few weeks ago being overly confident. After that things in the RC world seemed a little out of order. I did not have a primary MXS.
I flew the backup a few times, but I was really careful with it, not wanting to crash my only MXS and all. I was thinking more about not crashing it than I was about flying it, which is an excellent recipe for having a nasty accident. Finally none of that seemed any good, so I ordered another MXS kit.
While flying the back up plane I noticed it was less responsive at high speed and did not snap or tumble with the same violence. This plane is equipped with 6 volt HS65MGs with an HS85MH on the elevator. These are still good servos, but flying them back to back with Hitec's new 7.4 volt servos they really showed their age. All my MXS have performed well over the years, and these new servos have pushed it to the next level.

Today I ran three packs through the new MXS and it was totally dialed in from the word go. The only adjustment I made all day was to turn my trim steps (trim sensitivity) down all the way, and after that it took a single click of up elevator trim. It's not even enough to see  .... that's how dead on perfect this plane is. The build went really well so there was every reason to believe the plane would fly right, but this one turned out exceptional.
So now that I have two flying 48" MXS, all seems right with the RC world.
 Order restored.
You can read my other MXS blog reports for set up information and pictures of the linkages, radio gear and power system installation, Nothing has changed since I put the HB servos in my last MXS in September 2014's Screaming Into The New Age With Hitec's HS5087MH

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