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Monday, July 27, 2015

MXS EXP__Before The Storm.

All of the EXPs have been around so long there's not much to write about except how great they fly. This is my back up MXS with Hi Tec HS65MG servos on the rudder and ailerons, and an HS85MG on the elevator. Along with the Torque 2814/820 and Airboss Elite 45 combination, this is all standard, off-the-shelf stuff and I haven't done anything to trick it out except being really meticulous about all the details.

If there is anything trick on this plane it's the same Thunder Power 4s 2700 70C Pro Power pack that is another off-the-shelf item. With this pack and the Torque/Airboss combination I don't believe there are many people who benefit from as much blistering power and dead solid reliability I enjoy.

With this power system I can run it as hard as I want for about 4.5 minutes in the Florida summer blast furnace with no heat issues and no worrying about draining the pack too much. I have generally been coming down with over 15 volts in the pack, with 14.8 being as low as you would want to go. This is a good safety margin and will help increase the lifespan of my packs.

There is always a lot of talk about servos and which is best, but at least for the foreseeable future the 6 volt servos seem to do a credible job. I think if the planes become any more powerful we will have to jump to 7.4 volt servos. As it stands, I have to use up the standard servos I already have, but anything new I build will get Hitec 5070MH and 5087MH servos.

Fun things to notice on this video is the bonus footage after the credits. That was from 1/2 of a flight we got when the camera crashed on us. It came out really dark because that was right when the storm started moving in, and since the footage didn't really match what we took earlier, I just tagged it onto the end with no soundtrack.

Here's an older video of my #1 MXS that uses the Hitec 5070MH and HS5087MH servos. I run this with a Castle BEC set at 7.4 volts. I tried it at 8.2 volts, but the servo were so fast that it was messing with my timing on some maneuvers. I dialed it back to 7.4 and it feels the same as the 6 volt servos except it is much more responsive at high sped, and generally all around it feels more solid.
There are a few fun moments, but I surprised even myself when I left a high speed parachute a little late and was thoroughly convinced the plane was going in the ground. I yanked the stick and the plane just stops. This tells me that we are probably getting a little stalling on the older servos, but the new 7.4V servos simply won't take no for an answer.
Still, it's all things you adapt to. I leave myself a little more margin with the 6 volt planes and I push the 7.4V planes as close to the limit as I can.

Got to 0:30 to see the insane parachute. There is also an insane parachute into a landing at the end.


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