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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Extreme Flight MXS__Just Badass

October is the best building and flying time of the year in Florida.  The flying weather is usually beautiful, but when it gets windy or rainy it is still just perfect for building an EXP in the garage with all the doors open. It's just nice outside, which is a righteously welcome change after roasting all summer.  This is the time I wait all year for, and I plan to make the most of it.

The MXS is just badass all the way around. While it is very similar to the Extra EXP in it's precision manners, the shorter tail gives it the ability to really wind itself up in snaps and tumbles. The MXS is sort of the Extra EXP's Evil twin in that it behaves well when you ask it to, but it's very, very bad when you corner the sticks. The performance is very well balanced, though it is a bit on the wild side when compared to the Extra EXP. 

I have to be careful with the MXS when I have not flown one in awhile simply because it's killer pitch authority can surprise you. Once I have a flight or two under my belt everything feels normal. In fact, when I fly the MXS for a few days I don't think there is any other plane I can wring as much out of.

I'm planning to build another one as soon as the reds are back in stock, but a cool front (it never gets really cold in Florida) just blew through and the weather is so nice I hate to waste the opportunity. I may just order a blue so I have a fun project next week.

MXS EXP__Just Badass from Doc Austin on Vimeo

MXS EXP__Hucktober Surprise II from Doc Austin on Vimeo.   
And just to keep everyone off balance, here's a new 60" Laser EXP video..... 

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