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Friday, November 18, 2016

48" Extra EXP: You can't have enough Extras

I've been flying the fabulous new 52" Extra EXP so much that my beloved 48" Extra hasn't been getting much love. I corrected that yesterday by running six packs through it on a beautiful day. This is still the same 48" Extra that, for me, redefined what an airplane should be. While the 52" Extra is the next step forward, the 48" is still good enough that I want to continue flying mine, and maybe add a red to the stable. You can't have enough Extras.

Extra EXP__Unspecified Huckola 001 from Doc Austin on Vimeo.

There's not going to be much text here. Just catching up on a bunch of sport video we shot this week. The weather is simply superb, so we have been taking advantage of it every day.

 The 60" Yak just doesn't get flown often enough and it's always a joyful experience to fly that plane. We got a couple of reasonable videos out of it, but I was really just flying or fun and not playing to the camera.

Something newish for my 60" Yak is the "Oz Mod" cowling insert. It's 3D printed, and mine is painted with Testors Model Master Metalizer Magnesium paint. It seems like a nice contrast and bright enough to show off the detail. You can get the Oz Mod here.

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Yak EXP__Return Of The Big Dog II from Doc Austin on Vimeo.


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