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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Extreme Flight 52" Slick__ Video Showcase

As you may have read in 52" Slick 580 EXP___Hail To The Zonker, I was pretty delighted with my screaming yellow zonker Slick 580 EXP right out of the box. She went together perfectly and was sorted and trimmed after one lap around the field. In a way it was a little disappointing everything worked out so perfectly because tinkering with the plane to get it right has been part of the process as long as I have been flying model airplanes. I almost geel guilty that it was too easy! This Slick 580 was simply effortless through the whole process, and has continued that for about two solid months of hard 3DXA flying.

Originally this was going to be a back up plane, so she got a couple of flights on her before she as hung up in reserve. She has recently been promoted to primary status with the untimely demise of my
original white Slick. That plane was starting to show a bit of wear because I had flown it hard and often. I hated to lose it, but having a shiny new yellow one took a lot of the sting out of it.
This particular Slick uses the Xpwr 3910 motor and Airboss 80 ESC, but of course, and Hitec HS5087MH servos, and those are fed by a Castle 10 amp BEC that is set at 8.0 volts

I've already written so much about my Slicks, and you can find that on this blog through out 2017.


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