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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Extreme Flight MXS__Project Blue

Certainly much of the MXS' appeal comes from it's sexy lines. It is long and sleek with deeply contoured cheek cowlings and engine air exhausts. There is also nothing out there that looks like it.....or flies like it.

The MXS pretty much is it's own dog.

After a year of flying the red MXS though, I was feeling like something a little different, but I didn't want to stop flying the MXS. Problem solved with the blue MXS. The blue is not the same scheme with the colors moved around. This is a completely different scheme, designed by DemonGTI, who also did the original red MXS that I love so much.

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The blue is certainly different and the scheme changes the appearance of the plane. If you set the two side, by side, they don't really look like the same plane, though they are both visually stunning.

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In the air I like the blue because it is easy to see. It is dark on bottom and light on top, so orientation is instinctual. A nice accent is the black turtle deck. It looks awesome butting up against the tinted canopy. The turtle deck isn't really black though... the color is more of a deep, deep gun metal gray metallic. It is subtle, and really only shows up in person, and in the sunlight.

Obviously the blue doesn't fly any different, but it is nice to have the same kind of performance in a fresh looking package. I wasn't really getting tired of my red MXS, but then again, I didn't want to either. The blue is awesome looking and gives me a little break from the red without sacrificing that MXS performance. I am sure when I go back to the red it will seem like a brand new plane.

Something different for this plane is an old set of sharks teeth I had laying around in my decal box. The big, black swoop under the nose looked a little bare to me and this was a good alternative to putting a big sponsor decal there. I will be eventually be sending a cowling to B&E Graphix so they can make a set of sharks teeth that fit  the black paint on the cowling a little better. As it is, these look pretty good, but a perfect set will look better.

This time I used steel allen bolts with aircraft nuts to secure the ball links. I have found the ball links can bind if you overtighten the nut, so I tighten it just enough to feel the ball link drag a little, and then back the aircraft nut off just a little against a regular hex nut. That locks the two nuts together onto the thread, and they are not going anywhere. After that I use some thick CA on the threads, so that assembly is set to survice a nuclear holocost. If I want to take it apart, I just spin the hex nut off and it will shatter the thick CA and clean the threads off.

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