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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Extra EXP__Project Red

We have recently shot a lot of video of this plane and have been so backlogged that I have not had a chance to update the blog. Sorry, so here we go:

There are so many red airplanes out there that it is easy to overlook any of them. It's the yellows, greens and orange planes that usually catch my attention. Initially I was completely happy flying just the blue version of Extreme Flight's Extra EXP . Then, when I wrecked my blue Extra EXP, I wanted something different.

However, I definitely wanted another Extra EXP, so I built a red one. I have to admit I am a little tired of red planes, though this one has grown on me really quickly.

I've really become comfortable with the Extra EXPs. It seems like when I stick with the Extra I almost always seem to have some sort of flying breakthrough. I've made a lot of progress flying this red one, though I am not so sure in which area. I think I am flying smoother and more in control, and all this has happened since I started concentrating on this plane.

Click on any of these smaller artworks and they will enlarge to a full 1920 X 1080, which is great for desktop wallpapers on wide screen monitors.

This has been an exceptionally good airplane because I have flown it really hard and it has taught me a lot. I've also really, really enjoyed it, which is the most important consideration.

I've trashed about four sets of wheel pants on this plane, which is why in the artwork you see so many different colors. I generally use whatever I have handy that doesn't clash, and this time I had a set of reds that were doing nothing. I think I like this color combo the best so far. I intend to try a red spinner, but I am pretty confident nothing is going to beat a chrome spinner!

We have recently shot a lot of video of this plane and have been so backlogged that I have not had a chance to update the blog. This has been such a good flying airplane that has been so much fun to fly that I wanted to share the artwork we've done, and of course, video updates.


My brother from another mother, Manta, is in town, and he shot this great sunset video of the red Extra EXP. This was Manta's I-Phone, and I think it did a very reasonable job. I had to lighten the video considerably because most consumer video cameras don't do well in low light conditions.

Finally, another buddy caught this on his I-Phone, so clearly if you need a camera and a phone, this is probably a decent choice.

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